Review Policy

Thank you for your interest and consideration in my blog.

I am open to receiving and reviewing solicited advanced reading copies and review copies of books.

My reviews are honest, unbiased and all views are my own. Hence, I cannot promise to always write positive reviews. My criticism, if any, is directed towards the book and not the author or publisher. Also even if I don’t enjoy a particular book, I do recommend it if I think a particular group of readers may enjoy it.

I accept only physical copies of books. It takes 1-2 weeks for me to read and review a book, however I will prioritize to read and review before the publishing date in case of an ARC.

I post my reviews on my blog and on Instagram.


I enjoy reading the following genres:

  1. Historical Fiction
  2. Classics
  3. Crime, Thrillers, Mystery
  4. Fiction
  5. Contemporary
  6. Poetry
  7. Short Stories

I don’t read political and religious books. I also don’t read erotica. I read a little bit of non-fiction and will accept books from that genre if they appeal to me.

My rating system is:

5: Loved it! Highly recommend

4: Great read

3: It was ok

I don’t rate books below 3 because I believe writing is hard work and every writer should be appreciated and motivated.

I open to Giveaways and interviews, if I can.